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In the Department of Comparative Literature, we examine the range of literature, its transmission, and its dynamic traversal of linguistic, geographic, cultural, political, and disciplinary boundaries. Our students adopt a global perspective and interdisciplinary outlook as they delve into literature from all over the world and explore its intersections with other media and disciplines, such as cinema studies, art history, philosophy, politics, anthropology, history, linguistics. Faculty members offer courses embracing the ancient and modern periods of world literature, exploring critical, theoretical, and historical issues, as well as problems of representation in the broadest sense. The department has a lively array of events, speakers, and conferences each year, inviting guests from across disciplines to engage with and reveal the roles literature plays as a form of material expression and symbolic exchange. For more about our events, class offerings, admissions process, faculty, current graduate students, or alumni, please use the navigation bar to the left.

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Feminist Reading Group: Feminist Futures


Visit from Rebecca Comay


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