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Xudong Zhang

Professor of East Asian Studies, Comparative Literature
Ph.D. 1995 (Literature), Duke
B.A. 1986 (Chinese Language and Literature), Peking University
Office Address: 19 University Pl, 510
Phone: 212-998-7622
Fax: 212-995-4682

Research Interests: Modern Chinese literature and culture; critical theory; political philosophy; aesthetics.

Xudong Zhang’s teaching and research focus on modernism and modernity within and beyond the Chinese context. He is author of Chinese Modernism in the Era of Reforms: Cultural Fever, Avant-Garde Fiction, and New Chinese Cinema (Duke 1997); and Postsocialism and Cultural Politics: The Last Decade of China's Twentieth Century (Duke University Press, 2008). He has also edited Whither China? Intellectual Politics in Contemporary China (2002), and co-edited (with Arif Dirlik) Postmodernism and China (Duke 2000). In Chinese, he is the author of The Order of the Imaginary: Critical Theory and Modern Chinese Literary Discourse (Hong Kong: Oxford University Press, 1997); Traces of Criticism: Essays on Theory and Cultural Politics (Beijing: Sanlian, 2003), and Cultural Identity in the Age of Globalization: A Historical Rethinking of Western Discourses on Universalism (Beijing: Peking University Press, 2005; 2nd/expanded edition, 2006). He has translated into Chinese Walter Benjamin’s Charles Baudelaire: A Lyric Poet in the Era of High Capitalism (Beijing: Sanlian, 1989); co-translated (with Ban Wang) Illuminations (Hong Kong: Oxford, 1998; Beijing, Sanlian, 2003), and edited Cultural Logic of Late Capitalism: Selected Essays of Fredric Jameson (Hong Kong: Oxford, 1997; Beijing, Sanlian, 1998). A collection of Professor Zhang's short essays since 2001, Letters from New York, was published by the Shanghai Bookstore Press in 2006. He is currently at work on two book manuscripts, on Hegel's aesthetics; and the making of modern Chinese essay and men of letters, respectively.

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  Literature and Its Times: Essays, Symposia, and Interviews on Republic of Wine and Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out, co-authored by Xudong Zhang and Mo Yan (我们时代的写作——对话《酒国》《生死疲劳》). Hong Kong: Oxford University Press, 2012. ISBN: 9780192990265

  ICCT series 1: Rethinking Enlightenment in Global and Historical Contexts, co-ed: NAKAJIMA Takahiro , ZHANG Xudong, & JIANG Hui, Tokyo: The University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy, 2011. ISSN: 1882-742X

  Duihua qimeng shidai 对话启蒙时代 (A Discourse on The Age of Enlightenment), Xudong Zhang & Wang Anyi, Beijing: Sanlian shudian, 2008.  ISBN 978-7-108-02952-2

  Postsocialism and Cultural Politics: China in the Last Decade of the Twentieth Century, Duke University Press, 2008. 

  Qidi 启迪 (Illuminations: Essays and Reflections by Walter Benjamin), edited by Hannah Arendt, translated by Xuodong Zhang and Ban Wang, with an introduction by Xudong Zhang. Paperback edition issued by OUP (Hong Kong) in 1998. Reprint. Simplified (mainland Chinese) edition: Beijing: Sanlian shudian, 2008. ISBN 978-7-108-02920

Reprint. Hong Kong: Oxford Univeristy Press, 2012. ISBN: 978-0-19-398932-0

  Letters from New York, Shanghai: Shanghai Bookstore Publishing House, 2006.

  Quanqiuhua shidai de wenhua rentong (Cultural Identity in the Age of Globalization), Beijing: Peking University Press, 2005.

2nd edition, 2006 (ISBN:7301081499)

  Whither China: Intellectual Politics of Contemporary China, edited and introduced by Xudong Zhang, Duke University Press, 2002. (ISBN 0822326485)

  Postmodernism and China, co-edited with Arif Dirlik, Duke University Press, 2000. (ISBN 0822325446)

  Chinese Modernism in the Era of Reforms: Cultural Fever, Avant-garde Fiction, and New Chinese Cinema, Duke University Press, 1997. (ISBN: 0822318466)

  Pi Ping De Zong Ji, Beijing: San Lian Shu Dian, 2003. (ISBN: 7108018624)

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  Jameson, Fredric. The Cultural Logic of the Late Capitalism (Wan Qi Zi Ben Zhu Yi De Wen Hua Luo Ji) (Xudong Zhang, editor.) Oxford University Press, 1996. (ISBN: 0195864824)

Reprint. Oxford University Press, 1997. (ISBN: 7108011034)

  Benjamin, Walter. Charles Baudelaire (Xudong Zhang, trans.). San Lian Shu Dian, 1989. (ISBN: 7108001535)

Reprint. San Lian Shu Dian, 2007. (ISBN: 9787108001535)

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